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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted community capacity for resilience and inequitable impacts on diverse people and places. This project collects stories behind the statistics and data. We seek perspectives that represent the diversity of experiences in the United States, in order to build a more holistic archive of the pandemic.

The US Covid Atlas and Atlas Stories are led by the Healthy Regions and Policies Lab at the University of Chicago. This is a not-for-profit research project that works to understand, archive, and represent the often unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

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An open archive

Your story can be a part of the US Covid Atlas archive, adding critical context to the data. Stories will be tagged geographically to your county, so shared experiences of your community can be explored together.

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Your experiences, your medium

We support four different ways to tell your story through our web portal or over the phone. You’re invited to share up to three different stories about your experiences of COVID-19 in the United States. Choose the type of story you would like to submit, or scroll down for more information.

More than just data

Atlas Stories expands the data on the US Covid Atlas to contextualize how and what you experienced during the pandemic. Stories are layered on top of our map of COVID-19 data at the county level. We’re working to collect an equitable group of stories from across the U.S., from cities, towns, suburbs, and everywhere in between.

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By sharing your story with us, you keep all the rights to use your story in any way you want. Our license allows us to publish your story, but you can choose to remove it at any time. In your account, you can preview and manage your submitted stories, opt in to future research opportunities, and share more stories.

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